15 Problems Only People With “Vertically Enhanced” Dogs Understand

They start as tiny puppies that curl up in your lap and then quickly transform into massive puppies that...still curl up in your lap. Their long legs and massive physiques might intimidate the average person, but not us. Yet raising a tall dog does have its many obstacles (stolen table food, anyone?). Below, 15 of them. 1. You can't go for a ride without getting a lot of strange looks. tall-dog-problems-9 2. You've become accustomed to saving a seat for your dog. tall-dog-problems-8 3. You know what it's like to have your neighbors complain about "peeping toms." tall-dog-problems-14 4. Sometimes you don't even bother refilling the water bowl. tall-dog-problems-11 5. You understand how hard it is to keep things away from them. tall-dog-problems-5 6. And by hard, I mean "challenging." tall-dog-problems-7 7. And by challenging, I mean IMPOSSIBLE. tall-dog-problems-13 8. You understand now why people don't trust public water fountains. tall-dog-fountain 9. Even dinner time is a challenge that warrants some crafty creativity. tall-dog-problems-4 10. And instead of cuddling, you have to settle for full-on spooning. tall-dog-problems-3 11. You also understand what it's like not being the tallest person in the house. tall-dog-problems-16 12. You realize lack of privacy is unavoidable since your pup can reach any door handle. tall-dog-problems-15 13. Or window. tall-dog-problems-18 14. Or anything really. tall-dog-problems-19 15. But despite the lack of privacy and licked counter tops, there's nothing quite like owning a tall dog. Strut dem legs and be proud! tall-dog-problems-17

Featured image via @revthegreatdane

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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