15 Undeniable Signs Your Dog Is A Bona Fide Dingus

Ok first, let's define the term dingus just to make sure we're all on the same page. A dingus is a dog that, hard as they try, just can't be smooth. This is a dingus: dingusziggy Not a dingus: notadingus Dingus: dante3 Not a dingus. ellabean Dingus: wheeler16 Not a dingus. abbeycav You get it. Let's take a look at some of the most fascinating behaviors of this remarkable, remarkable breed. 1. They have resting doofus face. bertie6 2. They are always showing teeth, but not in an aggressive way. In a "Why are you doing that with your face?" kind of way. dingusrikutheaussie 3. They randomly hump the air for no reason and it makes everyone outrageously uncomfortable. Like seriously, if you were actually humping another dog, a pillow, or even a leg it would be one thing. But humping the AIR? That is just weird. dingushump-lowres 4. They do not understand the concept of glass doors. windowdog4 Or windows. windowdog7 Or gates. maximus6 5. They get so excited when their hooman comes back after 20 minutes that they forget they're attached to a leash. dingusfreenie-lowres 6. They never understand why everyone is laughing. It's because you have food on your face, ya dingus. dinguseating 7. They have no concept of personal space. charlieonlap Like at all. wheeler14 Seriously, at all. maxtitan4 8. They always look lost. walkingpoodle-lowres 9. They do NOT know how to position their bodies in a natural way on a piece of furniture. ziggykingus This cannot be the most comfortable way you could be sitting, Wheeler. But you do you. wheeler12 What's happening here... dantecouchcollage 10. For some reason when they sit they always look like they're about to slide into a split. dingussitting 11. They're too passive to ask to play so they just sit there like, "Oh hey I'm available whenever it's convenient." dinguspassive 12. They have irrational fears that make no sense. Like spoons, feathers, soda cans, or even their own poop. "MAAHMMM IT'S COMING OUT HAAALPPPPPP" wheelerpooping 13. They have trouble making decisions. dingusdecisions 14. They never get shotgun. Dingus is always in the back like... dingusintheback 15. They even manage to make sleeping look awkward. dingussleeping 16. But ultimately, all Dinguses are proud of their Dingus-hood. Admit it, you have to commend them for that. dingus-dog-2

Featured image via Teddy The Spazman

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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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