15 Takeaways From The Famous NYC Halloween Dog Parade

This was a lot to take in. I refuse to rank them, because they are all Hallowinners. But I will give you a glance at some of the magic I witnessed. Grab some puppy corn. We're doin this. image1 1. The more intimidating the costume, the less intimidating the pup. Which makes the costume way better. Like little Nola who showed up as the least intimidating spider you've ever seen. nolaspider Or this teacup poodle who showed up as a shark (which in hindsight might have been a little too ambitious). teacuppoodle Seriously, we're gonna need a smaller boat for these sharks. image9 If this is what the devil actually looked like, we would all be knocking down the door to Hell. image4 2. There were more Bob Ross's than you would expect. I guess Halloween really brings out your true colors. bobross And sometimes those true colors are Bob Ross. bobross2 3. WE FOUND WALDO! He was WAY cuter than I remember from those books when I was a kid. waldo 4. Pumpkins were PSYCHED. "ERMAGERD I'M THE CUTEST PUMPKIN AT THIS PARADE GIMME ALL THE BELLY SCRATCHES PLZ." pumpkingif Or Hobie Wan Kenobi who was just really really excited about life. Of course his name is a pun. Look at that face. happypumpkin 5. Lobsters were...not psyched. "Um, did anyone order this lobster with an extra side of SASS?" sassylobster 6. The pups at this parade knew how to #treatyoself. Literally. Like Monty The Doodle who managed to kill it as a Hostess snack. The two pieces of hay dangling from his mouth were just icing on the pupcake. montyhostess Or this DELICIOUS Corgi. corgisplit Or this fuzz face. Why yes, we WOULD love some fries with that tail shake. fries Or Eames the Bulldog who is a master of all things canine cuisine. chefbulldog Speaking of cuisine, Noodles appropriately went as a College Freshman Meal Plan (aka Cup O Noodles) image3 And then I saw THE HAPPIEST PUPPIN HOT DOG THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. (Guess he hasn't heard about that human D.N.A. thing yet). corgihotdog 7. Even the royal pups made an appearance. #PopeLeroy rolled up in style, looking extremely enthusiastic and approachable. leroypope "I am King Malcolm. Bow wow down." kingmalcolm 8. The pugs REALLY nailed it this year. "Just a friendly reminder to exfoliate. Also, what is my life right now?" loofa Doug The Pug made a great Harry Pawtter. harrypotterdougthepug Not sure if he was a king, or a pimp, so we're gonna go ahead and call him the King of Pimps. (Note to self: Always bring a refill of Courvoisier). pimppug 9. Things got a little sexy at one point. Watch out Playboy Bunnies, @queenbillieburg is coming to steal yo man. playboybunny And if you ever wondered what puppy cleavage looks like, here you go. marilynmonroe 10. If you are a poodle or a doodle, you are basically just a living teddy bear. Case in point: Teddy Roosevelt aka @teddygramnyc image5 Dogs or beanie babies I really can't tell. teddybearsdoodles 11. I officially found my spirit animal. A WHOOPIE CUSHION. I am in ruv. whoopiecushion 12. You can't go wrong when you dress a dog as another animal. TURTALLY nailed it. turtlepaco "What do you mean I have WINGS but I CAN'T fly?" penguinchihuahua #FlockOnFleak chloenydogsheep 13. Pit Bulls will always melt your heart. This adorable duo went as my Facebook newsfeed! pitbullcouple 14. When in doubt, bring out the sombrero. Honestly that's just a great motto for life in general. mexicandog 15. Pups don't care what they are for Howloween, as long as they get to be with their hoomans. Sometimes you just gotta get a little cheesy. cheesedog Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related article: 26 Of The Most Influential And Inspiring Internet Dogs Of Our Time. Does your dog get more likes than you do? We’d love for you to join our BarkPack. BarkPack is for pups with an engaged social media presence interested in getting paid to spoil your dog. Head to to sign up!  
Featured Image via @queenbillieburg

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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