15 Things To Never Say To A French Bulldog

Our dearest Frenchies, we always mean well, but sometimes your incredible cuteness gets in the way of our consideration of your feelings. We will try to be better by recognizing that we know you're sick of hearing these 15 things. 1. "What a cute little fatty!" 1 Hey man, we're all about positive body image here. 2. "Are you really French?" 2 Non, mais vous êtes stupide. 3. "No more treats today." 3 Life can be so tough sometimes... 4. "I'd love to introduce you to my cat!" 4 Guess you don't really like your cat. 5. "You're sleeping in your bed tonight." 5 Yeah, sure, whatever you say, human. 6. "You're probably not very smart." 6 According to my studies, you're an ignorant bully. And not the good kinda bully - like me! 7. "Let's go for a jog." 7 If by "jog," you mean lie down and refuse to move. 8. "How do you breathe with that nose?" 8 With my lungs, you jerk. 9. "You really have no shame." 9 A Frenchie's gotta do what a Frenchie's gotta do. 10. "Seems like you don't really do much." 10 Did I say you could come into my office? 11. "You're in trouble." 65 Ain't nobody got time for that. 12. "Do those big ole ears help you hear better?" 12 Big enough to hear your voice, unfortunately. 13. "Bath time!" 11 Can't a pup just be stinky? 14. "You're so little and smooshy." 14 How dare you! I rule this land. 15. "I love you more than you could ever love me." 13 No, human, you are my everything.

Featured image via @piccolo_niccolo

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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