15 Dogs Who Had Absolutely No Say In Their Photo Edits

Presenting the cutest, weirdest, and derpiest photoshopped pups on the Internet. Enjoy!

1. Squirrel + Dog = Corn Dog

new 16

2. “I’m a furbird!”


3. "Where the pup are we going?!"

new p4new p7

4. "It's a ruff world out there."

new p6

5. Knowing you're unprepared for the test...

newps 9

6. you take matters into your own paws.


7. Dogburger = free range mutt served with a side of drool

new p99

8. "Dog? Nope. Haven't seen one...”

new p13

9. "Pupcules repawting for duty."

new p15

10. “Try and mess with me. I will pup you up.”

newps 16

11. “Alright, which one of you dogs left a mess in the microwave...”


12. “Who ate all the bacon?!”


13. “A little afternoon yoga to prep for my night gig” ;) 

new p26

newps 19

14. “What in dog's name have you done...”

newps 20 2

15. Morning commute traded in for...

newdog arm

...a road trip into space. Try and top that, puppers ;) 

newps 22

Featured image via My Modern Met

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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