15 Dogs Who Know All About Your Younger Sibling Struggles

Please. Being the younger sib can have its perks, but seriously: Sometimes, it feels like no one sees you. Your older sister/brother pup teases you endlessly. You're always trying to keep up. Here are 15 dogs who entirely understand the struggle that is the younger sibling. 1. No one in the family wants to share their toys with you...
2. you get the cast-offs. This also is true of clothes. secondsibling2 4. There are a THOUSAND pictures of your older sib, but maybe one of you. On your birthday. And even THAT got photobombed.
5. Your parents seem to have a much more lackadaisical attitude towards your general welfare than they ever did your older sister/brother. secondsiblingfive 6. You're continually referred to as "the accident that happened on St. Patty's Day." Which unfortunately tells you too much about the origin of your name: Patty.
7. You never get to do or have anything first. NEVER.
8. Everyone tells you what to do and sometimes it's at the same time and it's always three different things and omg you just don't know who to listen to and YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MIND, DARN IT! secondsibling8 9. Your older sibling gets mad at you when you're able to do things at a younger age than they ever did. For example, when you get a cell phone before they could. secondsibling10 10. It's hard to reach the pinnacle of perfection of your older sib. So sometimes, you not only don't even try, you go in the opposite direction.
11. People always refer to you as "Oh, you know, so-and-so's YOUNGER sister/brother/the other one." secondsibling9 12. People call you the wrong name. All. The. Time. secondsibling11 13. You always try to seem cool around your older sib's friends, because you're crushing on them--but they always ignore you. Or worse, laugh.
14. They steal your food. Constantly. Meal time is a continuous war.
15. You will always be younger and they will always lord it over you. Always. Jaia2Years3
Featured Image via @harlowandsage

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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