16 Adorable Dogs Whose BFFs Are Stuffed Animals

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

September 10, 2013

What’s cuter than a dog dream-barking? A pup cuddling with a stuffed animal. (The above photo is the fabulous Mr. Hamilton Pug.)


1. A golden retriever with a new pal.

via tjuel

2. Bet these two are going to cuddle so hard later.

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3. Cuddly corgi with his pet piggy.

Corgi Addict

4. Jonny Justice, who was rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring, has a soft side.

have dog blog will travel

5. Fergie the Frenchie catches some zzz’s.

via Glamour Damaged

6. Those doe eyes. Too much.

via About Cockier Spaniels

7. This boxer puppy will make your heart explode.

via Like Fun Me

8. This sweet shih tzu decided he needed a breather.

via Hyonosis Dreams

9. Another boxer puppy finds a friend in a frog.

via A Place to Love Dogs

10. Some German shepherds may work as police dogs, but this pooch just wants to snuggle.

via German Shepherd Rescue

11. Pixie the greyhound is down for the count.

via Seizure Salad

12. A delicious French bulldog sandwich.

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13. Ducky adores her giant teddy bear.

via The Joyful Springer

14. Just some innocent spooning, nothing more.

via TCPalm

15. A puppy shar pei and her little green buddy get some beauty sleep.

via Holy Cuteness

16. A sleepy shiba and a floppy-eared friend float off into dreamland.

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Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

September 10, 2013