16 Dogs and Tiny Humans Who Are Adorably Up to No Good

Written by: Melina Giakas

December 7, 2015

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Dogs are some of the cutest, but also some of the messiest little creatures I know. Add two stinky feet to the mix and you’ve got a perfect (but adorable) recipe for disaster. I know this better than anyone for all the crazy things I did when I was younger.

I would do just about anything to get a pup to follow me around. I’d crawl on the floor, feed them treats, or any food I had on hand. It never ended well to say the least. At my best friend Erica’s birthday party in third grade I kept feeding her adorable white puppy pizza until he finally came back and puked on my lap… Leaving her mom with a pizza-stained pup and throw-up-covered little girl.

Luckily for these BarkPost readers who sent in adorable photos of their tiny humans with pups, it seems like these folks mostly get stuck with the cute kind of trouble. 😉

1. “Why else would they put paper in the bathroom?”

toby and carter 1

2. “Mud is our favorite toy.”

Jennifer Kadrmas new

3. “Lets steal all the treats after our nap.”

Amanda Claypoole Masiello new

4. “Who pooped in the kitchen? We plead the 5th.”

Tara Murphy 2 new

5. “Just follow my lead, pup.” 

Kate Shane Mintz 2 new 2

6. “I’ll get the treats if you stand guard.” 

carter and toby 3

7. “Quick, lets make a run for it!”

Quint M Cleamentine new

8. “Please can we stay up a little longer? We’ll be soooo good.”

Mallory Waholek new

9. “Whoa there buddy. You think WE did WHAT?! Release us from this gated prison!”

Becky Demoss Woods new

10. “Pop quiz: Which one of us ate the cupcake you left on the counter?”

Lauren Sanders 2 new

11. “You never told me it could be a girl!” 

janessa 5 new

12. “I told you I wanted the laundry to be folded by the time I was done Swiffering. I don’t care that you only have paws Henry.”

janessa 2 new

13. “I’m wayyy too little to make such a big mess.”

Kristin Lavigne new

14. “The dog told me he was hungry. I was just trying to help.”

carter and toby instagram

15. “If we hide under this table they’ll never be able to find us.”

Brandon Falcone new

16. “One lick for me, one lick for you.”

Kids and Dogs new

Feature image via Carter and Toby on Facebook

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Written by: Melina Giakas

December 7, 2015

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