17 Dog and Cat Duos Who Will Go Down in Cute History

Who says that dogs and cats can’t forge meaningful friendships? Check out these pups and felines who have seriously bonded.

1. Bruce Wayne the pug is Leo’s big spoon.

2. The infamous ginger duo, douglovescharlie, love napping on the couch, side by side.

3. Boots the cat and Sam the kelpie also bond on the couch.

4. Ten-year-old Monkey catches some rays with 22-year-old Boy Kat!

from Joanne B.

5. Frank considers himself the fashionable one; Hilda is the brains.

6. The couple that begs together, stays together. That’s Mr. Bailey on the left and Miss Zoe on the right.

7. Cooper, left and Buddha (right) prove you can play nicely together.

from Jill H.K.

8. It seems the sofa is a popular place to convene, as Zoe and Harry demonstrate.

9. Rainbow with her cat.

10. Well, this is just ridiculous.

11. Darwin the cat and Charlie the pit love to snuggle together all the time.

12. Frankin and Nicolo are the epitome of peaceful.

from Sarah K

13. Just try to say no to Hollie and Morgan.

14. Marmalade and Meg, just passing ideas back and forth.

15. Paddington Pug loves Moxie’s cat condo.

16. Casey the westie and new kitten, Talon, were fast friends.

17. Buu the cat, and her gentle giant bud, Yoshi.


Dr. Katy Nelson

8 years ago