17 Iconic Travel Moments That Should Be On Every Dog’s Bucket List

Our dogs are our best friends and our family. We go everywhere with them, and some of the best memories we ever make in our lives are with our pups. Here are 17 iconic travel moments every dog should have on their bucket list. 1. Explore castles (points if they're in Wales). travelingdog1 2. Look for awesome street graffiti, like Banksy's in London. travelingdog2 3. Selfie in front of an awesome local landmark like the bean in Chicago. travelingdog4 4. Catch a show at the theater, like Moulin Rouge in Paris (or at least a photo outside). travelingdog3 5. Pack the car and take a road trip... travelingdog5 6. ... or a boat trip! travelingdog6 7. Visit any one of the U.S. National Forests. travelingdog7 8. Or any wilderness, really! travelingdog9 9. The world is your oyster when you can take your pup on a plane. travelingdog8 10. Take them on a vacation where they can explore their inner farm dog (we here Scotland is wonderful in the summer). travelingdog10 11. Romp in an awesome part of nature, like the red rocks of the Southwest U.S. travelingdog11 12. Check out the 45th parallel, just to say you both went there. travelingdog13 13. Purposefully get lost for a day in a city, like the streets of Jelenia Gora in Poland. travelingdog14 14. See a work of art-itechture (like the Duomo in Milan!). travelingdog15 15. Just chill at the beach together (Costelinha recommends Brazil). travelingdog12 16. Go to the coast and take an epic lighthouse photo. Maine has great ones. travelingdog16 17. Challenge each other by going on an adventure in an extreme(ish) environment, like the desert in Palm Springs (but don't get too close to that cactus!). travelingdog17 It's getting easier and easier to travel with your dog, so what are you waiting for? Get going and make moments that you two will remember forever!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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