17 Things Only Frenchie Pup Parents Understand

1. No argument about it, baby Frenchies are the cutest things to ever walk this earth.  frenchiebutt 2. Sitting is so basic. So Frenchies balance, or they splay. #TheSwayLife Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.22.25 PM 3. Sometimes people on the street confuse your dog for a weird-looking Pug or Boston Terrier.  boss 4. They're masters at lounging about, but don't really care about their appearance as long as they're comfy.  cooperthefrenchie 5. They can be pretty tolerant, especially when it comes to dressing up and getting festive.  trotter 6. They're adorable and lovable, but sometimes they can get pretty weird.  barkley 7. Two Frenchies is always better than one.  piggypolly 8. They're also the most swagalicious of dog breeds.  cesar 9. Frenchie farts have become a regular and normal occurrence in your daily schedule.  henrypenny 10. They give pigs a run for their money when it comes to snorting.  oscarfrenchienyc 11. Drool. Is. Epic.  renecharlesnyc 12. You pay special attention to make sure your Frenchie is always at a comfortable temperature. They can be pretty sensitive to being too hot or too cold.  thelifeofhank 13. You can't ever say no to those big round puppy dog eyes.  nelliethepiglet 14. They're very content and happy little pups, despite deceiving the average person with their smooshy droopy faces.  lolabarksdale 15. They inspire the inner yogi in you every day.  nachodogg 16. They can be pretty high maintenance in the skin or food allergy department, but it doesn't matter 'cuz they give back tenfold in ruv.  frenchieobiwan 17. Nothing beats coming home to a smiling Frenchie!  wilburs_world
Featured Image via @thelifeof_hank

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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