17 Times Our Dogs Treated Us Like Superheroes

We may not wear fabulous red capes or have incredible super powers, but our dogs sure treat us like we do. Here's how: 1. They get excited about the smallest things. quite_a_red Walk in the front door? Yay! High-five? Just as exciting! Trash bag blowing in the wind? Seriously the scariest thing that's ever happened, thank God you're there to protect them. 2. They help us spread joy to others. wildlandia Making others happy is such a satisfying feeling. If you've ever spent time doing volunteer work with your therapy dog or simply put a smile on a friend's face by having them meet your dog, you know what we mean. 3. They make us better versions of ourselves. olivethefancyfrenchie In our physical traits, our personality traits, and just overall people. 4. They make us the popular kid on the playground. 240149781 How many new people have you made from walking your dog through the neighborhood or bringing them out for an afternoon around town? When you have a cute fluffy pup by your side, everyone wants to be your friend. 5. They celebrate anything and everything we do. nipsuhuahua Whenever you're happy, they're happy. 6. They shower us with unconditional love. hellohoku Even if you've just scolded them for ripping up your furniture, they're all licks and tail wags mere seconds later. 7. They give us a reason to wake up every day.  @piggyandpolly Slobbery wet kisses (and creepy glances) aside, they give us a purpose that we're passionate about. And that's really what the whole meaning of life is, isn't it? 8. They make us feel like we can do anything. archieandb If they can power through life's obstacles with a huge smile on their face, then we can, too. 9. They have unending appreciation for the great lengths we go to for them. paws_on_the_run Dogs just have that sixth sense, knowing exactly how much love we pour into caring for them. And it means the world to them. 10. They bring order to our lives. lifewithleroy They love routine, and that's a huge benefit for many of us to incorporate into our lives! 11. They motivate us to work harder so we can give them better lives. bowwowdaily Money in the bank means an extra trip to the doggy spa. (And the human spa.) 12. All it takes is one word to get their tails wagging. kovu_and_kiara For most it's simply, "Treat?" Other hits include: "Dinner," "Walk," and "Home." 13. They energize us with their unique personalities. aleksandrakielreuterfotografie Have you ever not been amused by a hilarious frap session? That's what we thought. 14. They teach us to appreciate the little things. kelly_bove Food, water, shelter, and a little love is all you really need. 15. They give you a huge sense of accomplishment. miudafrenchie What's more rewarding than successfully caring for another living being? 16. They change our outlook and perspective on life. sunofwolves Ask any dog owner and they'll likely tell you that owning a dog has changed who they are as a person and how they look at the world. 17. They help us achieve things we never thought we could. akiakthehusky Whether they're a service dog helping you power through graduation, or your work out buddy accompanying you on longer and longer runs, they're always there by your side. Best. Sidekick. Ever.

Feature image via @abracodecao/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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