18 Questions Your Dog Needs You To Answer Immediately

We all know that dogs can communicate with us in their own special way, whether it's a floppy-tongued smile or a furious wag of the tail. Let's get real though. If they could talk, you know they'd be asking these questions. 1. "Can I have some of that?" dobermanduo 2. "Don't you know I'm the good boy by now?" dogsbestman 3. "Can you add peanut butter to the grocery list?" pawfectionist 4. "Isn't this little bed you got too small for you?" frankiethelilsausage 5. "Where did the ball go?" thefugee 6. "That smells delicious. What is that?" jaeun2 7. "Can we have bacon for breakfast?" itsjustsacha 8. "How come those tiny funny-looking dogs with extra long tails are always in a bad mood?" tazzydw2 9. "Can we adopt a pet squirrel?" pawsandpaint [bp_related_article] 10. "Why do leave me all alone every day? I just want to love you." mobibear 11. "What happened to your tail?" blueeyeskye 12. "Could you just share one sock with me please? You have so many." fancylily 13. "I'm so sad. What is the point of this plastic torture device?" renecharlesnyc 14. "Walkies?" lolabarksdale 15. "Why do you keep taking back the toys you give me!?" harriettnoir   16. "Where did the grass go?" conniethecorgi 17. "You're welcome. You couldn't live without me, could you?" graciethelabrador   18. "Will you love me forever?" clari_calahari  
Featured image via @maggiethebostie

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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