18 Reasons Your Dog Deserves To Be Inducted Into The Subaru Hall Of Fame

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

October 21, 2015

This post is brought to you by our pals over at Subaru. Check out the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame to celebrate your pet for all the love they bring to you. All submissions will be entered for a chance to win a trip for two to LA with VIP access to the World Dog Awards, a 12 month BarkBox subscription, or Subaru Gear “Adventure Seeker Kit”*. Don’t have a dog to enter? No pawblem! Check out the Hall of Fame to vote for your favorite submission.

There’s no denying dogs are the perfect companions. They’re friendly, loyal, energetic, and always excited for a new adventure. In addition to all that pawesomeness we’re sure you have another reason or two why your dog is deserving of a special shout-out. Lucky for you we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you to do just that.

Subaru Pet Hall of Fame is open to all dogs that have earned a special thanks for all their wet nosed kisses and tail wagging welcome homes. To enter, simply submit your story along with a photo or video. In addition to all the fame, submissions will be entered for a chance to win one of these pup-tacular prizes.

Looking for some inspawration? Here’s a few reasons why your dog is deserving of the glory.

1. For the pup-tacular welcome home song and dance they perform for you several times a day.s152. For the slobbery kisses,s113. and immeasurable puppy love.s234. For being the only alarm clock whose battery never seems to die.s215. Because they share your love for adventure.s36. Being the pawfect excuse to head outside,s67. or stay in for a movie night .s28. For being the ball boy,s49. and your biggest fan.s710. For keeping the seat warm,s5
11. and never being late for date night.s2012. For never asking about your job or love life.s1613. All those times they reminded you to drive safely.s114. Working hard to protect you from the mailman for all those years.s1715. Saving you money on that fancy alarm system their bark replaced.s1016. Having no judgments for those late nights or dirty dishes.s1417. For all the times they licked away the tears…s1818. Or gave you a reason to smile.s12

Feature image via @frankiegoestowork

Drooling to get your dog into the hall of fame or vote for your favorite pup? Visit the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame for more details on entry and to see which dog will win it all!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Submission/Voting Phase ends 10/31/15. Legal 50 US/DC 18+. Rules: go to

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

October 21, 2015