18 Reasons You Should Be Thankful This Isn’t Your Dog

Editor's note: Rude Dog is one of our favorite trash-ruvin' pups here on The BarkPost. This post comes from his loving mamz, Heather, on why you should be thankful that your dog isn't as mischievous as Rudie. ; )

1. Your dog didn't need $3,000.00 surgery two weeks after being adopted because he snatched a corn cob out of your hand and refused to poop it out. thanksblog19 2. Your dog didn't eat your girl scout cookies. thanksblog17 3. You don't have a padlock on your refrigerator.


thanksblog16 4. You don't have all major appliances anchored to the wall, lest your dog get bored. thanksblog 5. The first thing you told your realtor wasn't "no open floor plans" because you needed to keep your dog out of the kitchen. thanksblog21 6. The second thing you told your realtor wasn't "ranches only" because somebody has a history of jumping out windows to fight bottlerockets. thanksblog13 7. You can have a conversation with your elderly neighbors without yelling about how sorry you are for your dog's behavior. thanksblog11 8. You can eat a meal in peace. thanksblog23 9. You don't have to sleep on the couch because your dog likes to make blanket forts. thanksblog14 10. Every wall in your home isn't a "booger wall". thanksblog20 11. Your dog doesn't prefer walking in inclement weather. 426547_552437361455072_385151295_n 12. The entire world doesn't know what is in your trash. thanksblog4 13. Your dog doesn't trample the landscaping. thanksblog10 14. And he isn't inclined to roll in burr bushes. thanksblog25 15. He isn't an aspiring dishwasher. thanksblog12 376982_306038336094977_2086727124_n 16. Your dog doesn't need all 85lbs boosted into the car. thanksblog15 17. And then he doesn't barf every time he is in it. thanksblog8 18. But mostly, you should be thankful this is not your dog, because he already has a home that ruvs him berry much. 578387_10151582001770531_66189338_n For more Rude Dog, check out his Facebook page!
Featured image via Rudie Loves Trash

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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