19 Dogs Who Are All About That Sunbathing Life

These sunshine-lovin' dogs are bound to make your day with their sunny faces - reminding you there’s always time to catch some rays. (Even if it is just through a window.) ;) 1. Zzzzzzzz... dog 37 new 2. “Time for some Vitamin D.” dog sunning 6 new 3. “My goal is Golden to Chocolate by labor day.” sunny dog new 4. “Ayeeee Chihuahua.” dog sunning 10 new 5. “I could lie like this forever.” s7 new 6. “The pawfect spot.” s9 new 7. Snoozin' in the sunshine. sunny dog 2 new 8. “No beach? No problem.” s20 new 9. Legs or hotdogs? s22 new 10. “The sun can be exhausting.” s27 new 11. “My favorite sport is napping in the sun. I do it competitively.” sunny dog 3 new 12. Beach Bum s33 new 13. There’s nothing better the wind blowing in my ears.” sunny dog 4 new 14. “This is better than the dog park. There, I said it!” sunny dog 5 new 15. Two-toned Pup s14 new 16. “Um, excuse me. You’re blocking my light.” sunny dog 6 new 17. Stripy Doge dog sunning 7 new 18. The ultimate sunshine ruver. 19. Until next time… dog sunning 8 new

Feature image via Abe Forum

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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