20 Smokin’ Wiener Pics You Should Totally Share On Snapchat

Oh get your mind out of the gutter. And trust us, you definitely need to see these wieners in action. ;) Check out our favorite, totally shareable, hot dog shaped dogs on Instagram! 1. @tankandbear, two little dogs living large in Los Angeles. tankandbear 2. @dottiedoxie, a sweet little dachshund with dots, duh.  dottiedoxie 3. @musingsofmia, a long-haired dachshund with the most precious of faces. musingsofmia 4. @thedogsaga, embodying the word "majestic" for all of his breed. thedogsaga 5. @dobbytheween, a little house elf shaped like a dog.  dobbytheween 6. @frankiethelilsausage, half a dog high, one and a half dogs long.  frankiethelilsausage 7. @thedogtex, total ladies man, puppy-dog-eye expert, and wannabe big dog.  thedogtex 8. @harlowandsage's Reese Lightning, the littlest and most adorable addition to Harlow's family.  harlowandsage 9. @yippy_n_jonah, two handsome and long men.  yippy_n_jonah 10. @ladybug_the_doxie, a sweet little doxie who loves posing for the camera.  ladybug_the_doxie 11. @hacth427, two gorgeous long-haired miniature dachshunds in Japan. hacth427 12. @knoxthedox, dashingly handsome mini dachshund, a.k.a. Sadie Tripawd's little bro. knoxthedox 13. @sweet_mandy_girl, definition of "adorable puppy dog eyes."  sweet_mandy_girl 14. @jenmooney's sweet pup who totally gets "always modeling." Just look at that smile.  jenmooney 15. @pepperonis_daily_slice, in his spare time he doubles as a meerkat.  pepperonis_daily_slice 16. @woodysausagedog, the most adorable teeny weenie you've ever seen. woodysausagedog 17. @kelleydigioia, the epitome of cute napping puppies.  kelleydigioia 18. @weenie_chance, a pup with a face that's sure to make you smile.  weenie_chance 19. @itsaweenieworld, a hawt dog with adorable eyes.  itsaweenieworld 20. @dapperdapplez, two gorgeous pups proudly sporting doxie dots.  dapperdapplez
Featured Image via @harlowandsage

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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