20 Hidden Thoughts All Dog People Have

There are people who have dogs, and then there are dog people. Some people just don’t get it. But trust us, we do. That’s why we’ve devoted our Instagram account to you, dog person, who is probably reading this while your dog is on your lap and you're doing that thing where you know you have to get up and do something but your dog just looks so peaceful and comfortable so you're like "Let me just fall into an internet wormhole because I might as well read about dogs while I'm sitting here trying not to wake up my dog." Here are 20 #DogPeople quotes that either prove you're totally normal, or that we're all totally crazy, but like, the good kind. 1. If you're wearing a bra when you walk your dog you're doing it wrong. DogPeople1 2. Do you know how annoying it would be if dog's could talk? "Where have you been?" "You're acting weird. What's wrong. No, tell me what's wrong. You're being WEIRD." FullSizeRender 2 3. I JUST WANT THEM TO KNOW I'M ON MY WAY.  FullSizeRender 20 4. Poop bags in the dryer is another one. dogpeopletreats 5. I mean what are you supposed to do in this situation? Wake them up and go live your life? That's ridiculous. dogpeoplecancelplans 6. That moment when you're rapidly scrolling through your camera roll deciding which memories you want to delete but at this point your dog has stopped doing the adorable thing & everyone is telling you to just start backing up your stuff regularly & you're just like "WHY CAN'T I HAVE ALL THE DOGS AND ALL THE STORAGE?" dogpeoplestorage 7. Let's be real, going out is basically just a countdown until you can go home to your dog. dogpeopleclub 8. Seriously if a human did this you'd be like "What's this weirdo's deal?" dogpeopleparty 9. It takes my dog longer to decide where to poop than it takes a new mother to name her firstborn child. #Poofectionist dogpeoplepicksomewhere 10. "Hooman that was NAP time. This is bed time. They're different."-Dogs dogpeoplesleeping 11. Sometimes dogs are just easier to talk to. Partly because they don't talk back. dogpeopleyo 12. "Omg I'm not getting ANY likes on this post."-Thought no dog ever. dogpeopleconfidence 13. Ok I might be the only one who has had this thought. Moving on. dogpeoplepoop 14. POOP. BAG. SWAG. IS. REAL. dogpeoplepoopbagswag 15. How great would it be if everyone could understand you the way your dog does without having to explain yourself? dogpeoplebestrelationships 16. If dogs could talk, they would definitely have some follow up questions. dogpeopledogsknowyou 17. "Go put some hand sanitizer on you germ fiend. Now if you need me I'll be over here in the corner kissing my dog on the mouth." dogpeopledogsneezing 18. They don't like dogs? Nope, can't trust 'em. dogpeopleareyouaperson 19. Seriously, I don't get how they don't get it. dogpeoplefarts 20. We have all done this. dogpeoplefacetime You can find the rest here.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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