20 Drinking Games You Need To Play When You Watch ‘Homeward Bound’

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 1, 2015

Please remember to always drink responsibly when watching talking animal movies.

Oh my dog, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey came out over 20 years ago?! It’s definitely a classic. Revisit the heartwarming tail and get a little loose with some adult beverages at the same time.


Pro tip: If you are pressed for time and really want to get shellacked, drink every time and every time any animal repeats a word or phrase, like, “My boys! My boys!” “Sassy! Sassy!” “Drop it. Drop it!”

So drink…

1. Every time Chance freaks out over food. (This move is known as the “Blackout Eater.”)


2. When you see a bear. (We call this the “Bear of the Dog.”)

bear homeward bound

3. When you see a mountain lion. (“I can’t believe I’m running from a cat!”)

homeward lion

4. When someone is in danger of falling off of something. (The “Dude, Slow Down.”)


5. When someone actually falls off of something. (The “That’s It I’m Calling You A Cab.”


6. If someone says “bone” or “bones.” (The “Burial Plot.”)


7. If a human says, “Here, boy!” (The “You’re Not The Boss of Me!”)


8. When Chance spits out the broccoli. (The “DO NOT WANT.”)


9. When you see poultry. (The “Birdzilla.”)


10. When you see a skunk. (The “Stinker.”)

skunk homeward bound

11. When someone, anyone, gets licked. (The “Slurp.”)


12. When Sassy catches a fish. (“Cats Rule.”)

sassy cat

13. Every time a porcupine quill gets pulled out of Chance’s face. (“He bit me with his butt!”)

chnce porcupine

14. When Sassy gets wet. [Dirty joke redacted]


15. Every time Shadow explains what something scientific is or goes off on a historical tangent. (The “Blah Blah Blah.”)

shadow water hbtij-feb12-3

16. When Shadow talks about Peter. (The “Get a Room.”)

shadow and peter homeward bound

17. Every time Chance mentions “The Pound.” (The “Up the River.”)

chance worried

18. Every time Shadow calls himself old. (Or someone else does.) (The “Respect Your Elders.”)

19. Are you tearing up? DRINK.

shadow hb

20. Are you full-on sobbing? CHUG!

peter shadow tumblr_mu9x2z0jen1rooa59o2_500

Featured image via Disney Movies Anywhere

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 1, 2015