20 Kids Who Want To Be Dogs When They Grow Up

Remember when you were little and you crawled around on all fours with your dog, the two of you chasing balls and barking together? And then Mom and Dad got worried when the "phase" didn't pass? No? Just me? Oh. [bp_related_article] Well have no fear parents, because these tiny tykes can roll over with the best of 'em! (It was just a phase, I promise). 1. So this is what happened to all the left socks... I was blaming the dog. socks 2. Nothing like that last bit of milk from the cereal bowl. Or water from the dog bowl. drinking from bowl 3. "A gift for you, from me, the dog." dog toy 4. "Don't worry, Mom will be home soon. It only feels like she's left forever." waiting for mom to come home 5. Who needs a crib when you've got a bed and a Bulldog? bulldog 6. "This is how you do the tail wag, right?" tail wag 7. "Here. Now YOU throw it." fetch 8. "This is how dogs run, no? I'm doing my best here." giphy (3) 9. "I think Mom just found what we left her on the rug." scared baby and yorkie 10. "I am baby. Let me sing the song of my people." 11. "'Fetch' is my middle name." baby with ball 12. Their brains all ready run on the same frequency... and that wink!
13. Something's not right here... leash walk 14. "You scratch my back..." scratch 15. "Boy, this summer heat is brutal!" panting 16. "This doesn't taste as good as Benji made it out to be." toilet 17. "The dog said it was a delicacy!" eating grass 18. "This is how we say hello in the canine world." licking 19. "I did your gosh dang chores, now where's my treat?" kid panting 20. No matter what, we love our dogs, and we give them the best lives we can. Who wouldn't want to be them! kid and dog
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Samantha Erb

6 years ago