21 Pups Dealing With Winter’s Ruffs and Downs

Winter is a tricky time for our pups. Sometimes it's ruff, and sometimes it's all tongues out, new butts to sniff and poops to be had. No matter how big or small, all pups are facing yet another winter paw-deep in snow, booties, sweaters, hats and even scarves...

1. Do you see this? HooMAN, I look good.

Dogs winterSource 

2. Oh shoot. Forgot my boots, again.

Dog winter Source

3. Mom this sweater looks like crap! And this is coming from someone who ate crap this morning.

Dog winter Source 

4. This is paw'some!

Dog gif Source

5. Seriously mamz. I've got a sufficient amount of neck fur-- what is the point of this contraption?

Dogs in winter gear Source

6. I'm cold...I'm still cold. Where my booties at?

Dogs in winter gearSource

7. Can we go inside now?


8. Do a little dance, make a lil' poop....I'm the coolest.

Dogs in winter gearSource

9. I've always been quite fond of the snow.

Dog winter Source

10. So fun, so fun, so fun. Having so. much. fun.


11. This is ruff.

Dogs in winter gearSource

12. Peace out.

Dog gif Source

13. I think I'm stuck.

Dog winterSource

14. Doooooood, I look awesome.

Dogs in winter gearSource

15. Honestly, too much red?

Dogs in winter gearSource

16. This is so not gonna make the ladies woof.

Dogs in winterSource

17. I am the next Air Bud.

Dog gif Source

18. Waiting for my plus one.

Dogs in winter gearSource

19. The devil wears pink...apparently. Thanks mom.

Dog winter

20. "Nope."

nope Image source. Source

21. I know how to rock a snow day.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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