21 Dogs Who Are Total Daddy’s Girls

These dogs know they have Dad wrapped around their paw. Mostly because no matter how big they get, they’ll always be Daddy’s little girl. 1. “Dad, I’m trying to tan!” dad 12 NEW 2. “Nothing compares to a hug from dad.” dog 3 new 3. "He’s taught me to swim, bark, basically everything.” new d7 4. “High paws for the best Dad a dog could ask for.” dad 1 new 5. “Another picture? Dad you’re so embarrassing…” dad 2 new 6. “He always sneaks me extra treats.” new d9 7. “He gives the best puppy back rides.” dad 6 new 8. “On Saturday’s we do yoga. Sort of.” dad 9 new  9. “I’ve been trying to teach him to take selfies. He’s still learning.” dad 11 new 10. “He can always turn around a ruff day.” dog 2 new 11. “Dad knows best for instance – never swim on a belly full of treats!” new d6 12. “He’s always warning me about those dog park pups.” dog new 6 13. “He can make a dog laugh no matter what.” new d5 14. “Dad knows I hate the car almost as much as the rain.” photo 15. “Dad cooks the best breakfast.” dad 13 new 16. “He’s the pupfect listener.” new dog 17. “Dad takes me everywhere. He’d miss me too much if he didn’t.” dad 8 new 18. “He picks me up after a long day at the park.” dad 17 new 19. “He’s always there to lend a paw” dog new 7 20. “He’s always spoiling me with new toys and treats.” dog new 5 21. “Like Father like Daughter.” dad 10 new  

Featured image via. Hot Guys With Dogs

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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