20 Realities Of Living With A Velcro Dog

Some pups have to be no more than six inches from their people, and they'll be doing to your legs what cats do to their servants humans. [bp_related_article] If this sounds familiar, you may have a stage five velcro pup on your hands. These dogs are furry, less-silent shadows who need to keep tabs on you at all times, but you know you kind of love it. this is my human If you're part of the VDA (Velcro Dogs Anonymous) club, then you probably know all about these 20 truths of owning a clingy canine. 1. You learn to pee in front of a live audience. bathroom audience 2. You feel guilty going to work... one is the lonliest number 3. ... and getting the mail, and taking out the garbage. looking out the window 4. You must take small, cautious steps to avoid tripping. tripping over the dog 5. And you always check behind you before turning around. great dane on floor 6. You're careful getting up from the couch because you might step on doggo. getting up from couch 7. Once your dog falls asleep on or near you, it is both illegal and frowned upon to disturb him. cutie and the beast 8. They're always close. Too close. Stock up on lint rollers. hairy pants 9. You make plans with your pup in mind... if they can't go, you probably won't either. no dogs allowed 10. That feeling you're being watched? It's not in your head, but you get used to it.
11. You find yourself bringing home presents to apologize for leaving in the first place. aussie with a toy 12. When you sit down, so does he. dobie on guard 13. They're always unintentionally photobombing pictures. photobomb 14. When you go to the park, your dog would rather be by your side than play with the other dogs. no play at the park 15. Getting into a new relationship? Good luck, because your dog already thinks he's your SO. vizsla 16. Good pictures are impossible... haley's nose 17. ... and personal bubbles don't exist. personal bubble 18. No, seriously. no personal space 19. They all think they're lap dogs, no matter how small your lap is. great dane 20. Best of all, the hugs and kisses never, ever stop. weim kisses

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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