23 Cuddling Dogs Who Don’t Know Who’s The Big Spoon And Who’s The Little Spoon

It is a well-known fact that dogs are great cuddle buddies. They make sleeping 50% more uncomfortable, but 150% more adorable. We thought we'd get you through today with some big and little spoons to feast your eyes on. Can you feel the love? 1. Cuddling your mini-me is always a good way to nap.

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2. Sometimes the big spoon thinks about being the little spoon, too.  pitsandkitties 

Image via @pitsandkitties

3. A puppy pile is totally appropriate if there isn't enough room on furniture.  bernie.and.max 

Image via @bernie.and.max

4. Size definitely does not matter when it comes to finding a cuddling partner. harlow

Image via @harlowandsage

5. Cuddle unto others as you would have them cuddle unto you.  pointandwag

Image via @pointandwag

6. No matter how you choose to fit together, cuddles are always great.  buddygrahams

Image via @buddygrahams

7. Cuddle buddies are 4 lyfe.  emwng

Image via @emwng

8. Any size spoon will do!  simon

Image via @simonthejackchi

9. Although sometimes cuddling may appear uncomfortable, it really isn't.  poppawheeli

Image via @poppawheeli

10. Using each other as body part rests is completely acceptable.  gastbyandscout piggyandpolly

Image via @gatsbyandscoutcorgis

11. Using each other as pillows works great when you're similar in size.  bordernerd

Image via @bordernerd

12. Dogs don't care about morning breath, which makes them even better cuddle buddies. rockystaryorkie

Image via @rockystaryorkie

13. It seems these cuddling naturals can always find the perfect way to fit together.  sometimescarl

Image via @sometimescarl

14. Sleep soundly, little one. I'll always be here to protect you.  kelleydigioia  

Image via @kelleydigioia

15. Two corgis is always better than one.  apairofcorgis

Image via @apairofcorgis

16. Can you spot which one is the dog and which one is the teddy bear? psny

Image via @ps.ny

17. It is, however, standard cuddling etiquette to position your large floppy ears respectfully. deanthebasset

Image via @deanthebasset

18. Okay, cuddling newborn pups. We'll just leave this here for you to stare at.  clari_calahari

Image via @clari_calahari

19. Smooshing faces together facilitates the cuddling process immensely.  nicole_ransom

Image via @nicole_ransom

20. If you can't find a pillow, using someone else's butt works just as well.  1941027_1472184673014860_196456945_n

Image via @ifitwags

21. Double cuddle trouble. rucca_the_silly_frenchie

Image via @rucca_the_silly_frenchie

22. These pups know to be especially careful when sleeping near each other's rear ends. healthyasahorsevet 

Image via @healthyasahorsevet

23. If no other pups are available, cuddling a life-sized teddy bear works perfectly well too.  bingelibong 

Image via @bingelibong


Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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