This Is What 24 Hours In A Foster Home Did For One Terrified Dog

Reviewed by Benjamin Moore

November 13, 2015

A shelter can be a scary place, especially for sad, confused dogs who’ve had a rough start. Unfortunately, some dogs just do not do well in a cramped kennel – surrounded by other dogs in other cramped kennels – and can deteriorate emotionally, mentally, and physically as a result. That’s why it’s so important for people to foster these animals and give them a chance to blossom so they can (hopefully) be adopted.

Phyrne Foster Dog Before and After

Take Miss Phryne Fisher, for instance – in twenty-four hours of living the foster family life, this beautiful girl went from being fearful and shutdown to happy, tail-wagging, and clearly quite comfortable in her surroundings.

Phyrne Halloween Picture

Phyrne and Pit Bull Foster Brother Playing

Of course, Phyrne’s still looking for a forever home, so if you’re interested in adopting her, make sure to fill out an application on the Purposeful Rescue website. She apparently “loves, loves, loves” dogs, which means she’d probably prefer a home where she could have a canine brother or sister for a playmate. And don’t forget to follow the Purposeful Rescue Facebook page to get updates on Phyrne’s story!

This is what 24 hours in a foster home can do for a completely fearful/shut down dog. Miss Phryne Fisher is a happy pop tart!!!! Katrina Knudson Edward Gamarra Lorin Thomas Angelica Flagg Ally Zonsius Jennifer Cola Diana Gomez Karen L. Bond

Posted by A Purposeful Rescue on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Featured Image via A Purposeful Rescue

Reviewed by Benjamin Moore

November 13, 2015