25 Puppy Yawns. That Is All.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 31, 2016

Life for a puppy isn’t always easy-peasy, mmkay? Pups have quite a lot to get done on a daily basis: they’ve gotta run and play and chew and give kisses and learn how to turn those little squeaks into full on barks! When they aren’t busy recharging their little pupper batteries by napping, they’re most likely fighting the urge to fall asleep.

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Which is fine by us since it’s, well, stinking adorable.


puppy yawn 1 giphy

2. “Ooh my brother’s head looks so comfy! Lemme just.. ahhh.”

puppy yawn 2 giphy


puppy yawn 3 giphy

4. A truly superior yawn is felt all the way to the toes.

puppy yawn 5 giphy

5. This guy leads with his lil pup tongue!

puppy yawn 4giphy


6. That yawn lingered.

puppy yawn 6 giphy

7. Such a worried little floof.

puppy yawn 7 giphy

8. This princess wants to suckle, but she’ll settle for a yawn instead.

puppy yawn 8 giphy

9. “Am I going to sneeze or yawn? That is the question.”

puppy yawn 9 giphy


puppy yawn 10 giphy


puppy yawn 11 giphy

12. Staccato yawn.

puppy yawn 12 giphy

13. V pleased with himself.

puppy yawn 13 giphy

14. Sometimes ya gotta wear a sweater vest and let your human coax a yawn out of ya.

puppy yawn 14 giphy

15. An artful yawn.

puppy yawn 15 giphy

16. A floppy lil yawn.

puppy yawn 16 giphy

17. “Excuse me, if i could just –“

puppy yawn 17 giphy

18. “I love to relax with a nice yummy foot after a good yawn.”

puppy yawn 18 giphy

19. A dainty yawn.

puppy yawn 19 giphy

20. “There was an old woman young puppy who lived yawned in a shoe…”

puppy yawn 20 giphy

21. Tiny pup. Big yawn.

puppy yawn 21 giphy


puppy yawn 23 giphy

23. Pup yawns can be contagious, too.

puppy yawn 25 giphy

24. “Wow that yawn really took it out of me.” *CLONK*

puppy yawn 22 giphy

25. “Let’s play! Let’s yawn! Let’s … WHOAAA!”

puppy yawn 24 giphy

Featured image via @paintedbarnandco/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 31, 2016