26 Dogs Who Want To Crash Your Wedding

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

May 28, 2013

If you’re planning your own wedding right now, your pooch might be the sanest member of your family. They won’t judge your invitations or first-dance music selection, they just want to have a good time. (But they wouldn’t mind if you had a meat buffet).

Better tell the caterer to add a few extra place settings — these dogs plan on eating their weight in filet mignon and peanut butter cupcakes!

1. Bowties are optional, but highly encouraged (so dapper!)

Larissa Cleveland Photography


Sara Purdy Photography


Milou and Olin Photography

4. They are also the only guests permitted to wear white:

The Nichols


Viera Photographics


The Nichols

7. If the bride shows signs of nervousness, the dogs must be ready to cuddle:

Summer Street Photography


Megan Sorel Photography

9. “What?! I’ve been in hair and make-up since 10am. Don’t judge me.”

Magnolia Event Design

10. What’s better than one dog? Two!

Patricia Lyons Photography


Michelle Carpenter Photography


Ashley Rose Photography

13. No stranger to affection, they often encourage and support it.

Studio G Photography

14. They know that a real man will rock hot pink with confidence and swagger.

Jennifer Bowen Photography


Aaron Delesie Photography


Diana Sabreen Photography

17. “Okay Dad. LET’S DO THIS.”

Robert Norman Photography

18.And if trouble breaks out, this Great Dane will handle it.

Isabelle Selby Photography

19. This guy too:

Jules Bianci Photography

20. His and Hers:

Glass Jar Photography

21. “Hey man. Want to raid the kitchen while the guests are cocktail-ing it up??”

Sugar Love Weddings

22. These four-legged friends definitely add an air of dignity:

Vanessa Joy Photography


Jose Villa Photography

24. “I love you guys, too. But can we eat? I am famished!”

Angela Disrud Photography

25. Don’t fret if your puppy has made other plans. You can always slap their head on a stick and your guests will have a blast with s/he all night long!

Simply Photo Booths

So here is to all the pups making appearances at weddings this year. No one cares if you steal the show–you’re family and everyone loves you!


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This article is by BarkPost contributor, Wendy Frink. Her assistant, Hamilton Pug, wants to photobomb your wedding this summer. Get in touch with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

May 28, 2013