DIY Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

Does your pup blow through toys like a starving velociraptor? Here are a few ideas to make some toys out of items you already have around your home! 

DIY dog toys are a resourceful way to make use of old items around the house. They're fun and engaging to make, and a joy for your pup to behold once you're finished! Check out these awesome DIY dog toys that will perk up their ears and get the tails wagging! 

**As is the case with any toy, think of your pup’s safety first. Supervise your dog when they’re playing with all toys and regularly inspect them for damage. Be sure to get rid of any toys that are falling apart– you don’t want your four-legged love to swallow anything harmful! Main image from Tattle Tails. : )

Hide & Seek Muffin Tin Treat Game

Stimulate your dog's mind and their whiskers with this easy to set-up muffin tin game. Hide treats underneath tennis balls and let your pup sniff them out!

Here's How:

  • Find muffin tin
  • Find tennis balls
  • Hide treats underneath
  • Voila!

Stuff Treats Inside This Rope Ball Surprise Toy

Tie some spare rope into a monkey's fist, but before you finish, slip in a dog treat! This pooch-puzzle is like an elevated Kong toy.

Here's How:

  • Tie a monkey's fist (this might take some practice)
  • Slip a treat inside
  • You've got yourself a doggy first!

DIY T-Shirt-Wrapped Water Bottle

It's the perfect toy for a pup that likes crink-crinkley sounds. (Let's hope you like them too!)

Here's How:

  • Find empty water bottle
  • Find old t-shirt
  • Cut strips of fabric
  • Wrap the bottle in the t-shirt and tie with strips!

Test Their Wits with this Tennis Ball Treat Puzzle.

Make a cut along the seam, stuff with your dog's favorite treats or kibble, and voila! (Best part? The felt on the tennis ball keeps the rubber from tearing).

Here's How:

  • Find tennis ball
  • Make incision along the seam
  • Stuff with kibble!

Hide Treats Inside a Cereal Box, Then Tape It Shut

(Destruction intended.) Tape up some treats inside an empty box and watch your pup tear it to shreds. : )

Here's How:

  • Find old cereal box
  • Tape treats inside
  • Tape it shut

 Turn Old T-Shirts Into a Toss-able Toy


Just grab two t-shirts, some scissors and you can quickly fashion this T-shirt dog toy!

Here's How:

  • Cut strips
  • Braid together
  • Start the tug-o'-war!

DIY Tennis Ball & T-Shirt

Fashion this swing-able, tugg-able, and toss-able T-shirt/Tennis Ball combo for the pup who likes to fetch, and the old shirt on its last legs.

Here's How:

  • Cut fabric into wide strips
  • Wrap tennis ball inside
  • Tie with ribbon

Reel In The Wags with this Dog Toy Fishing Pole

homemade dog toy

Tie one of your dog's favorite toys to the end of a PVC pipe and go fishin'!

Here's How:

  • Drill hole in PVC pipe
  • Attach dog toy to the rope
  • Tie rope to the pipe

DIY Tennis Ball Foxtail

homemade dog toy
Stitch the foxtail to the seam of a tennis ball and go wild! For even more fun, drop a tennis ball in one leg of old pantyhose and tie a knot!

Here's How:

  • Cut a 30 x 9 piece of fabric that tapers down to 2 inches
  • Fold and sew a cone
  • Stitch tennis ball inside with needle and thread
  • Toss that baby across the yard!

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