31 of the Most Adorable and Downright Delightful Stocking Stuffers That Will Make Your Dog’s Christmas Merry

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 20, 2019

We look forward to the holidays for so many reasons, and one of them is finding the best gifts for all the pups in our lives. For this season, we went on a mission to pick out the most delightful toys, treats, and more, to round up adorable stocking stuffers to gift this year.

1. Merry Christmas Decorated Dog Treats, $5.75

merry christmas dog biscuits

These neat Christmas bones are one of our favorite stocking stuffers, made of peanut butter and dipped in confection yogurt. Each order comes with 4 cookies, so you’re covered for gifting multiple pups.

2. Custom Hand Hammered Pet ID Tag, $30

shepherd custom brass tag

We love personalized pet tags from Chaparral Studio. These beautiful pet IDs are hammered onto lightweight brass tags. What you engrave is completely up to you – the standard ID copy or your pup’s nickname.

3. Reversible Dog Tie, $19

dog wearing red tie

For a pup who needs to look extra dapper for the holidays, The Toby provides 2 looks in one. Have your dog sport the red side when they are feeling extra festive or the polka dots when they are feeling spunky.

4. Peppermint Candy Cane, $14

Know an extra good pup who has a sweet tooth? Stick one of these peppermint-scented candy canes into their stocking. They’ll get hours of chewing over the holidays.

candy cane chew toys

5. Spots Bandana, $29

dog wearing black bandana

We are really digging the classy look behind the Spots bandana from TigerPig & Co. There’s something very chic about wearing black and white for the holidays.

6. Bosco Leash, $67

dog with indigo leash

Beast + Babe’s indigo collection features handmade products from West Africa. This beautiful leash is made from hand-loomed cotton and dyed with organic plant indigo. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gift.

7. Boxer Dog Ornaments, $12

boxer dog ornaments

It’s important that our furry friends are represented on the tree during the holidays. These hilarious Boxer dog ornaments are everything and will most likely become a family heirloom.

8. Crocheted Dog Hat, $16

dog wearing crochet hat

This incredibly cute winter hat has flaps, braids, and a pom-pom. What more could a dog ask for? There’s also an under-chin tie to make sure the hat stays secure. This will definitely be an Instagram-worthy stocking stuffer.

9. Stinky Dog Organic Shampoo Bar, $9.95

dog shampoo bar

This natural shampoo bar with ingredients like coconut oil, lemongrass essential oil, and organic lavender buds smells amazing and helps to repel fleas and other pests. This is a great little stocking stuffer to keep pups fresh and clean.

10. Dance of the Sugar Yum Piggy, $5

pork snacks

Treats with such a fun name deserve to be gifted this holiday season! But beyond the spot-on name, these pork recipe dog treats made with beets, flaxseed, and omega 3 fatty acids will bring magic to any pup’s Christmas.

11. Bone-shaped Christmas Stocking, $14.99

For pups who don’t yet have a stocking to stuff, these handmade ones are very sweet. There’s plenty of space in this one for all the goodies your dog deserves.

12. Small Dog Food Bowl, $38

stoneware dog bowl

We’re obsessed with these stoneware food bowls. We’ve picked the small dog bowl since it needs to fit in a stocking. The little bone can be painted with your dog’s name.

13. Ho Ho Ho Tennis Balls, $15

Instead of gifting six geese who lay eggs, how about six festive tennis balls? This adorable set will delight any dog during Christmas!

festive tennis balls

14. Custom Pet Portrait, $35

portrait of pet dog

Gifting art is always a good idea. While humans may enjoy this gift more than pups, we’re sure all dogs would be honored to have a custom portrait of them displayed in the house.

15. Custom Pet Pillow Keychain, $30

dalmatian with pillow key chain

Now you can take your custom pet pillow anywhere with these keychains! You can use it as a keychain or holiday ornament.

16. Wilhelm the Walnut, $10

How cute is little Wilhelm? From our Muttcracker collection, Wilhelm can be hung up as an ornament and then gifted Christmas morning to encourage your dog to be on his or her best behavior. He’s got a spiky side under his shell.

17. Buffalo Plaid Dog Collar, $21.96

buffalo print dog collar

Does anything feel more like the holidays than a good buffalo plaid print? We didn’t think so. This collar gets even more bonus points from us because 45% of it is made with recycled materials.

18. U-bake Dog Treats, $7.95

dog treats

For the gift giver who doesn’t want all the work done for them, U-bake dog treats offer a little help in the homemade gift-giving process. Just add wet ingredients and get rolling and baking. Each set comes in two flavors and makes 5 dozen treats.

19. Max’s Anter, $5

antler headpiece

For dog parents who want to dress their pup up as everyone’s favorite Dr. Suess character, Max’s Antler would make a delightful stocking stuffer.

20. Personalized Holiday Pet Decorations, $7.65

plywoood dog decoration

The Crafty Giraffe makes personalized ornaments from plywood and they have an entire line dedicated to our canine friends, from Labradors to Pugs. Each ornament can be personalized to the name of your pup.

21. Cozy Fall Jacket, $35

bulldog in a jacket

Teddy jackets are very on-trend. House of Barkley makes a teddy hoodie that is so cozy, your pup won’t want to take it off. A great stocking stuffer for more cuddly nights!

22. Cotton Rope Dog Leash, $52.83

cotton rope dog leash

These natural cotton rope leashes are beautiful and come with a leather tag that can be personalized. The ropes are eco-friendly and dyed with non-toxic fabric dye.

23. Personalized Tennis Balls, $14.07

tennis balls

The holidays are a perfect time to spoil our pups, and a set of personalized tennis balls is a perfect gift to do that. Choose the classic tennis ball color or go non-traditional with blue, red, orange, or pink.

24. Dog Collar Textile Sleeve Holiday Collection, $55

holiday textile collar sleeve

We totally get that for some dogs, holiday attire is meant for the holidays. This is why we like these dog collar sleeves. Slip them onto the collar once you hear holiday music on the radio, and take it back off on 1/1.

25. Grain-free Peanut Butter Dog Treats, $14.95

grain free dog cookies

Good Dog Treat Box makes the most hilarious dog biscuits. Our favorite might be this one. The treats will keep up to 3 weeks.

26. Bud’s Ugly Christmas Sweater, $9

ugly christmas sweater toy

So as not to leave your pup out of any Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, get them one of their own! This one is meant for chewing not wearing, packed with 4 squeakers and some crinkle – which we’re sure all dogs will prefer.

27. Deer Antler Chew, $10.74

antler dog chew

These are cruelty-free, naturally shed antlers from deer or elk. All antlers are cut and sanded to prevent sharp edges so dog parents can be worry-free when their pup is gifted one of these.

28. Multiple Dogs Tug of War Rope Toy, $23.21

dog with rope toy

Not only is this rope toy beautifully minimal, but it is also made from all-natural hemp meaning it is free from any chemicals or pesticides. It’s also an eco-friendly toy so we can all feel good during the holidays.

29. Smash Potato, $14

Not to be mistaken for a snowball, this round ball of fluff is bacon-scented and a challenge for pups to chew through to the center. The toughest chewers will get to the spiky ball inside. Mashed pawtatoes, anyone?

potato toy

30. Gingerbread Dog Treats, $4

dog gingerbread cookies

These adorable cookies come in a set of 8 gingerbread men made with cinnamon, wheat flour, and molasses. Gingerbread is perfect to get into the holiday spirit.

31. Handwoven Rope Ball, $8.99

woven ball toy

These handwoven rope balls are lovely. Made from soft cotton rope, they are perfect for all the chewers out there.

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