One Company Has Made It Possible To Pet 3D Images Of Your Dog

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

December 1, 2015

Thanks to Japanese company Poppet, it is now possible to pet your dog at work while he is happily chewing a bone on the couch at home.

Using plastic, Poppet has begun to sell 3D images of our beloved pets. Each image is handmade to best capture your dog’s unique features. However, your pet doesn’t need to fly to Japan for a photoshoot. With just a regular image of your pet, Poppet creates a plastic 3D image of your pet so realistic that you may want to take it for a walk.


To make the photo as realistic as possible, Poppet finishes the photo off with a coating on the nose and eyes to emulate the moistness in real life.


For the best results, Poppet suggests using at least an eight metapixel photo. Make sure your dog is facing the lens in the center of the photograph with its mouth closed. The company also recommends that your dog be sitting up or standing.

Luckily Poppet is taking orders for these 3D portraits just in time for the holidays. Each print costs about $123 (14,800 yen) and you can order one here.

Featured Image via Daily Mail

H/T to Daily Mail

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

December 1, 2015