24 Dog Crazy People With The Most Gorgeous Pup-Inspired Tattoos

There's nothing more permanent and furever than having your body inked with your puppy love! In this case you don't have to worry about covering it up due to a break-up or such! We did another round-up of some gorgeous works of inked art! Check 'em out below! Geometric Tattoos Geometric tattoos are all the rage! But who could imagine that geometric tattoos would translate so well to dogs? If you're looking for a design that is crisp, ultra-mod, and edgy, then this style is it! 1. Dog Tattoo 6 2.Dog Tattoo 2 3.Dog Tattoo 3   4.Dog Tattoo 5 Tribal Inspired Tattoos It doesn't get cooler than this! Intricate design takes inspiration from tribal art to manifest itself in absolute perfection! 5.Dog Tattoo 7 >6.Dog Tattoo 8 7.Dog Tattoo 9 8.Dog Tattoo 10 9.Dog Tattoo 15 Whimsical Tattoos From the wacky to the downright colorful, these pieces showcase the variety of ways to indulge your whimsical side while having your pup's face shine through. Talk about uniqueness! 10.Dog Tattoo 16 11.Dog Tattoo 17 12.Dog Tattoo 18 13.Dog Tattoo 19 Simple Lined Tattoos When in doubt the best route to go down is the simple one! You can never go wrong with simple and clean tattoo art. It can also become the canvas for future additions! 14.Dog Tattoo 26 15.Dog Tattoo 27 16.Dog Tattoo 29 17.Dog Tattoo 30 18.Dog Tattoo 31 Portrait Tattoos If you can find a great tattoo artist who can capture your pups in all their glory, go forth! These pieces are so realistic, it's hard to believe otherwise. The key is to pick the right tattoo artist as portrait tattoos can be tricky. You want to get as close to your pup’s actual face as you pawssibly can! 19.Dog Tattoo 32 20.Dog Tattoo 33 21.Dog Tattoo 36 22.Dog Tattoo 37 23.Dog Tattoo 39 24.Dog Tattoo 41 If these beauties have inspired you to get one of your own, keep these two points in mind: a) Pick the tattoo artist based on the type of tattoo you plan on getting. Some are good at graphic styles, some at geometric patterns, while others rock portraits. b) Colored tattoos show up differently on different skin tones. So do your research before you bound on over to a tattoo studio.
Featured image via @27tattoostudio_phx

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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