These Shelter Dogs Couldn’t Write Their Story. So 4th Graders Did It For Them.

We here at BarkPost see many different ways people raise awareness for shelter animals.  However, an idea from Ebb Valley Elementary teacher Tiffani Murphy may be the cutest one yet! Murphy decided to use her compassion for animals with her fourth grade class and create a clever assignment - write a persuasive letter in the words of a homeless animal explaining why someone should adopt them. 10342765_10152470212024528_5951512586676450101_n The kids each chose a dog or cat on the Baltimore Humane Society website,  In all, 37 letters were written, then sent to a no-kill shelter.  The letters were laminated and posted on the corresponding animal's kennel. As you probably expected, the letters are fantastic and adorable.  Let's take a look at a few!   "I have lots of energy so we can go walking every day." - Jax Dog adopt 1   "P.S. It would make me happy to get out of doggy jail!" - Jessie Dog adopt 2   "I need a home.  I'm cooped up in a cage almost all day.  I need a loving family to take care of me." - Kong Dog adopt 3   "Dusty might cause mischief but I know he will love you and your family." - Dusty Dog adopt 4   Now if those don't inspire you and bring a ray of sunshine to your day, I don't know what will!  Those are some great kiddos and high paws to Tiffani Murphy for creating this amazing assignment! 10418313_10152470213274528_7772698416631858875_n   To see more of the children's visit to the Baltimore Humane Society, visit their Facebook page.
H/t to Generation Wags.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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