Dogs Who Think the 4th of July is Worse Than a Haircut Involving Ribbons

Written by: Stacie Grissom

July 3, 2013

The Fourth of July is tomorrow and all of the humans are preparing for BBQs, beers, parades, patriotism, and fireworks.


While this is exciting for the Homo sapiens, the canines in our lives feel a bit differently towards those explosions of loud color in the sky.

dog scared of fireworks

Fact: Pups. Hate. Fireworks.

They’re so scary for this Greyhound that she tries to find the smallest space in the house to hide.

This Shiba Inu prefers to hide in the shower.

Via Youtube.
Via Youtube.

This Boxer just runs away.

From GifSoup.
Via GIFsoup.

In contrast, Madeline the English Bull Terrier wants to play boxer vs. those fireworks…

dog-barking-at fireworks
Via YouTube.

And so does this Bulldog.

Via YouTube.

This Bull Mastiff turns into a gigantic pile of scared mush.

Via YouTube.

And this Lab gets comforted in the tub. (D’awwwww.) <3

dog hiding in tub from fireworks
Via YouTube.

All jokes and GIFs aside, we do have a few tips on ways to keep your pup safe on the holiday.

1. Make sure your dog is microchipped (and that the information connected to their microchip account is up to date). If your pup runs farther than your lap or the bathtub, this is important to get them back home.

2. Make sure your pup’s ID tag is still legible.

3. Keep your pup indoors, and if you have a slippery pup, use baby gates as a second barrier for when guests come in and out. You don’t want this to happen:

Via YouTube.

Or this:

Via YouTube.

A calm dog is a safe dog. Here are some things you can do to keep your pup calm before the fireworks go off:

-Get rid of as much energy as you can during the day with a long walk!
-Any talking to or snuggling a nervous dog encourages the behavior.
-Play a game, or take this time to work on new tricks to distract your pup.


If you don’t want your pup to look like this tomorrow night…


Here are three products that we’ve found can help keep your dog calm:
Thundershirt – They really work!
Calm K-9 Wafers– Found in your June BarkBox!
D.A.P. products— Safe enough to use daily or can be used as needed in stressful situations.

But the most important thing of all is to…


Have a happy 4th of July!!!

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

July 3, 2013

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