What The Last 5 Years Have Been Like For One Of Michael Vick’s Fighting Dogs

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 11, 2015

None of us can forget the tragic story of Michael Vick’s pit bull fighting ring. When the ring was exposed in 2007, everyone knew that the dogs were abused and blameless, but there was so much concern that they wouldn’t be able to shake their traumatized natures. Many people wanted to put the dogs down.

Thankfully, several organizations stepped in to rescue and rehabilitate 22 of the dogs, turning a formerly tragic situation into a story of victory.

After a lot of love and care, the Vicktory Dogs, as they are now known, were adopted into loving homes, including Cherry Garcia.

cherry up close

Five years ago, Paul and Melissa adopted Cherry from Best Friends Animal Society. When Cherry first came home he was super scared and nervous, but after going to a kids only event he started to blossom. His true nurturing and cuddle-bug personality came through.

To celebrate his 5 year adoptaversary, Cherry’s family posted the top 5 moments of his life on his Facebook fanpage – he’s somewhat of a celebrity with over 12,000 Facebook fans!

We couldn’t pass up sharing this pawesome vicktory story, so here are the inspirational pup’s top 5 moments:

5. His very first playdate with Handsome Dan.

Cherry and Dan

Handsome Dan is another famous Vicktory dog, founder of his own rescue and a 2014 Barkie award recipient. Dan and Cherry had a playdate not too long after they were adopted. Both were still “scared dudes,” but they quickly became BFFs!

4. Adopting Walker, his kitty-cat bestie.

cherry and walker

Cherry paws his nose at the idea that bully breeds aren’t good with cats. He and Walker boosted one another’s self-esteem. They also became each other’s safe space, constantly snuggling to keep themselves cozy.

3. The wedding of his pawrents.


Cherry was so happy to see his two favorite people celebrate their love. Paul and Melissa were overjoyed to have him at their special day that they included him in some wedding photos!

2. and 1. Novellino and Rosalie.

cherry and Novi

Cherry’s hooman brother and sister come in at a tie for top moments! Rosalie celebrated her first birthday on March 8, and Cherry couldn’t have been more proud of his pink-cheeked baby sister! Not only does he love to pawty with his siblings, he takes good care of them when they aren’t feeling well!

Cherry had a ruff start, but now he and his family are lovin’ life! Happy Gotcha Day, Cherry!

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Written by: Regina Lizik

March 11, 2015

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