5 People Who Look Like Their Dogs

Written by: Stacie Grissom

November 1, 2012

Above: BarkBox Scout as a teenage pup and his likeness, Grandpa Scout.

Life is full of strange little phenomenons: Aurora Borealis, déjà vu, this photo… But our favorite weird coincidences have to be when people look like their dogs. (Or dogs look like their people? ;))

A few weeks ago, we asked on the BarkBox Facebook page for people to submit photos of themselves and their canine doppelgängers, (Doggelgängers, if you will) and below are our favorites.  (We received a TON of submissions, thank you to all who submitted! Make sure to watch the BarkBox Facebook page for future contests and chances to win BarkBoxes! 🙂 

5. Blondies : )

Submitted by Sarah Yost 🙂

4. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Submitted by Jennifer Duran + Logan 🙂

3. Curls

Submitted by Vail Crawford 🙂

2. Beards

Submitted by Lindsay Speights, photo of Doug and Woody 🙂

1. Freckles

Submitted by Amanda McGavin + Daughter Keely 🙂

And a few honorable mentions:

dogs that look like people

Thanks to all who entered! 🙂


Written by: Stacie Grissom

November 1, 2012