634 Corgis Invaded A Beach. And Then They Took Over The Internet.

Four times a year, about 500 or so corgi fluffbutts dance, hop, and otherwise pup around Huntington Beach in Southern California. corgibeachday Why? For SoCal Corgi Beach Day of course! Not only did they take over the surf, but they also had their paws all over the Internet! #SoCalCorgiBeachDay trended on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all Sunday as well. Here are some of the pawesome corgi shenanigans that were blasted out!              
For more, just search #SoCalCorgiBeachDay on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Vine to see all the derpalicious fun!
Featured Image via SoCal Corgi Beach Day Facebook
h/t to CNN

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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