7 Dogs That Can Beat You In A Dance Off

This is why I love the internet.  Before it existed, if I wanted to watch a dog dance, my options were limited.  I could either spend hours and days and months training my dog to dance or I could dress up my little brother in a dog costume and make him dance. [bp_related_article] Now?  Why, dancing dogs are just a click away!  Here is a collection of my favorites from around the inter-webs. Enjoy! 1. "I'm beginning to feel like a rap dog (rap dog)." Okay.  Maybe this is rhythmic butt scratching, but it still fits the bill. 2. "Heyyyyyyy, sexy lady!" Wow.  This little guy has some moves.  Take that, Psy! 3. Need more Gangnam Style? Now, I'm not sure if this is just back scratching, but I think that the haircut is what seals the deal. 4. Yabba dabba doo-doo. If this were two humans dancing to the theme from The Flintstones, I'd stop this video almost immediately.  Throw a dog into the mix, and you have pure prehistoric gold. 5. "You better shape pup..." Prior to seeing this video, I didn't know that dog dancing was a thing, much less a competitive sport.  I demand dog dancing in the next Olympics. 6. Ay perro mio. This one is officially my happy place.  Meringue Dog, I love you! 7. Bone? A-roo! Carrie, the dancing dog, appearing at Bonnaroo!  Pawesome! (Shameless Plug: Disco Dogs) I love dancing dogs so much, I made a whole game about them!  Check out Disco Dogs and download it for FREE on your iOS device from the App Store!
Featured image via @penny_poodle

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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