68 Dogs Freed From Horrific Conditions Finally Get To Play Like The Puppies They Are

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 9, 2016

There were Golden Retrievers and Saint Bernards, Labs and Boxers—68 dogs and puppies altogether, living in sickening conditions.

No more. As you can see here, now—at last—they’re getting to live like playful goofballs.

Last week, the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in Hanover, Virginia got a tip about these dogs living in squalor at a home that’s also a registered kennel.

The tip came from someone who’d gone to the home to buy a dog, listed for sale online. The potential customer found the “living conditions were extremely unhealthy,” Sgt. James Cooper told BarkPost—that person bought the dog, in order to “get him out of there,” then called the police.

A search warrant was executed. Police officers and animal control investigators found these nearly 70 dogs living in such a bad state that “they felt it was imperative to rescue the puppies and adult dogs,” said Cooper. It was the largest dog seizure in the county’s history.


Cooper said he anticipates charges will be filed against the owner (whose name hasn’t yet been released).

The dogs are now considered to be evidence—and will remain at the Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter until this case proceeds.

Once the owner voluntarily gives up legal rights, or the court gives an order, the dogs can be put up for adoption.


The dogs are doing well, during this interstitial period. Some are being treated for worms, but overall they seem to be healthy.

Moreover, they seem to really be enjoying themselves, getting lots of playtime and lots of love. (Which, it goes without saying, they certainly deserve.)


There’s more love to come. Cooper said that the “community response to this has been incredible.”

Folks from all over have donated money, food, blankets, and toys—while the dogs themselves have been snatching hearts, left and right.

That goes for Cooper, too. He’s got his eye on the Labs, and is already picking out the one he hopes to adopt.

“They’re stinking adorable,” he said.

jMHRuL4 - Imgur


All images via Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, where you can also stay tuned for updates on the doggies

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Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 9, 2016

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