7 Most Popular Culinary-Inspired Dog Names

This article comes from our friends at Spoon University, the everyday food resource covering everything from the best local restaurants and simple, unintimidating recipes to how to navigate your first kitchen and recover from a hangover. Best part? Everything on SpoonU is written by people under 25! This article comes from Jordan Miller from the American University. As of recently, dog owners across the country are becoming more and more creative with their dog names. Instead of Jack, there’s Jager. Instead of Lexi, there’s Lilac. Instead of Toby, there’s Tyson. You get the gist. gif2 Within this shift to more unique dog names, comes the food and drink-themed name trend. Given the rise in popularity of global food trends such as food porn, avocado toast and green smoothies, it is not surprising that dog owners are getting inspiration from food to name their furry friends. Provided by the Food Network, here are a few recently popular culinary-inspired dog names. Future dog owners, take notes. 1. Olive oo 2. Snickers giphy 3. Pumpkin gif5 4. Kahlua gif6 5. Sake dogg 6. Nutmeg mellon 7. Kale gif4 These culinary-inspired dog names are definitely not normal walks in the park. One thing’s for sure though, your dog will be the most scrumptious one there.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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