72-Year-Old And Her Dog Rescued After Spending 9 Days In The Wilderness

Reviewed by Levity Tomkinson

April 18, 2016

When Ann Rodgers and her two pets – a dog named Queenie and a cat named Nike – left her Tucson, Arizona home to go visit her grandchildren in Phoenix, Arizona, she didn’t expect to encounter any issues, especially not one as big as this: having to survive in the wilderness for nine days.


Lost 3

While on a remote stretch of road, Ann’s hybrid car not only ran out of gas but also depleted its charge. Without a cellphone signal, Ann climbed several ridge lines to attempt to make a call for help, but was unable to do so.

Lost 4

Ann was forced to leave the car – and her cat, Nike – behind in search for food and water. She took Queenie with her, and together they survived for nine days by eating plants and drinking pond water.

Lost 1

Rodgers spelled out “HELP” in Elk bones, sticks, and stones and put a hand-written note under one of the stones to indicate she had gone further down the mountain. Eventually, a search-and-rescue team – who had already found the car and Nike the cat inside – spotted the bones, which led them to Queenie, who led them to Rodgers.

Lost 2

Ann was taken to a hospital and treated for exposure, but she and her two pets are now safe, healthy and enjoying being back at home. Ann shared with Pix 11:

“[I am] enjoying every moment. Loving the food I’m eating for darn sure and saying thank you.”

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Featured image via Associated Press & The Washington Post

Reviewed by Levity Tomkinson

April 18, 2016