9 Everyday Sayings Hilariously Reinterpreted By Pups

Are you dog tired because you're working like a dog? Then, maybe you should take a break and check out these silly pups who have no clue what an idiom is. 1) LUCKY DOG Human: “The Fates smile fondly upon you." Dog: “This, too, I have learned." I Can Hear the Ocean 2) CAN’T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS Human: “As you age, it becomes harder to learn new skills." Dog:  “Hop in the back, b**ches.  There’s a dance at the nursing home." The Way Back 3) HOT DAWG! Human: “Looking good!" Dog:  “Thing human allows me to eat and I spit up under the boardwalk." Yummmm 4) DOG EAT DOG WORLD (see above photo) 5) DOG DAYS OF SUMMER Dog: “All I know is that it’s hot, and this is highly arousing." Fanned Out 6) BIRD DOG Human: “To move in on someone else’s girlfriend." Dog:  “I’m a Pitbull but I have this recurring nightmare where I have the body of a bird and the head of a Scottish Terrier.” Scotty Nightmare Creature 7) DOG TIRED Human: “Extremely tired; worn out." Dog:  “I will chase this orange disc until the sun melts and space collapses.”  frisbee orange dog 8) WORKING LIKE A DOG Human:  “Pulling more than your weight, like a sled dog." Dog:  “I. Just. Can’t." 1000-greyhound-truth-blue 9) TAIL WAGS THE DOG Human: “Having your priorities skewed." Dog:  “I wag the dog. No no no, I wag the tail. I am the dog. Feed me, please." wind-dog-4
Featured Image via imgarcade

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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