8 Dogs Who Can Totally Deal With It

  A dog’s life is filled with internal conflicts: is cat poo really that tasty? Am I chasing the squirrel or is the squirrel chasing me? Who is this “good dog”?  Most dogs can’t seem to wrap their heads around such ruff questions, but every now and then we meet a dog who’s able to cut through the clutter and totally deal with it.    What a swinger. This dog has some serious swag.   anigif_enhanced-buzz-1752-1355608858-2   DJ Doggie Fresh drops sick beats, yo.   dj-dog   Damn, that dog just copped your ride...   sled-dog   Who cares, YOLO!   YOLO-dog     Watchu know 'bout that pug life, son?   182471_o     Sorry kitty, you're just not fresh enough.   xgrN43F     You'll never catch this dog ridin' dirty.   12dogridingdolphin Okay, this dog is definitely ridin' dirty...   tumblr_m41lzbpHXp1rvj57to1_500      

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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