8 Dos and Don’ts for Decking Out Your Dog’s Favorite Snuggle Spot

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 18, 2015

There’s no denying it. The Holidays are officially here. A time of gift-giving, family-visiting, pie-eating, carol-singing, Grinch-watching, weight-gaining, and house-decorating! But the Holiday season isn’t just for Hoomans. Throw a little Howliday cheer your pooch’s way by decorating their dog house!

Here are 8 Dos and Don’ts for Decking Your Dog’s House this Holiday Season.

1. DO make your pet’s safety your number 1 priority.

The only visitor in your home on Xmas Eve should be Santa Dawg, not your local Vet!


So keep your dog’s safety front of mind when choosing your decor. Keep decorations well out of sniffing/chewing range. Avoid tinsel, small ornaments, and anything that your dog could swallow. If you a fan of fresh flora, keep in mind that holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are poisonous to dogs (and cats too!)

Some safe suggestions: Twinkle lights, fresh fur tree branches, bows, wreaths, plastic candy canes…but all out of paws reach, of course!

2. DON’T forget to consider the elements when choosing your howliday swag.

Not everyone lives in Los Angeles!

Snowy Dog murphyjames_the_cavapoo

So if your landscape is a little less green and a lot more white, consider the weather when buying your decorations. Wind, rain, cold temps, and snow are all elements to consider when placing decorations outside. You may not love big plastic decorations inside your hooman house, but for your dog’s home they are weather & chew proof! (Well, mostly.)

3. DO take inspiration from your favorite howliday movies.

I think we can all agree that NO ONE decks a dog house quite like Snoopy. I mean, he didn’t win 1st prize for nothing, right?

Snoopy Dog House luckyflowerstc

But there are plenty of other movies that can help inspire your decorating style. Channel your inner Clark Griswold and cover your pooches pad with ALL THE LIGHTS! Get Grinchy with it and go for over-sized decorations with lots of swirls and sparkles. Think your dawg is dreaming of a White Christmas? Flock their house with fake snow or buy icicle lights.

No matter what you choose, remember, a safely decorated dog house is a HAPPILY decorated dog house!

4. DON’T break the doggie bank while shopping for supplies.

Dog bank tovintagewithlove

Try your local Dollar store for budget friendly options. Tip: Shop right after Thanksgiving to have the most complete selection at your fingertips. Visit a thrift shop or two and see what treasures you can find. Like a really great bargain? Shop major retailers AFTER Christmas to snatch up decorations for the next year at barktastic prices!

5. DO do it yourself! Nothing says “Happy Howlidays” like hand/paw made decorations!

The internet is BARKING FULL of DIY holiday ideas for dogs and their hoomans. Take a gander on Pinterest, but make sure you have a good hour or two to spend! From custom paw ornaments, to silver & gold dog bones, the options are endless!

Dog Ornaments 2 emsicilia

Tip: Make double the decorations so you can use them inside your house too. Getting your pet involved in the decoration creation process could just turn into a new family tradition!

6. DON’T have a dog house to decorate? DON’T think that THIS is your only option!

dog dressed up titusandhailey

Save your pup’s sanity and turn your holiday thumb towards decorating your dog’s bed or crate. A strand of lights, a wreath, or even a bow or two could really help get your pup in the holiday spirit! A classy starting point like this pawesome crate cover, plus a bow or two (safely out of reach of pups of course) will make it a lovely holiday add to your living room. Or do a simple, DIY holiday bed like below!

TIP: A festive crate or dog bed could also be a great spot to place your pooch’s stocking!

dog stocking baxter.xx

7. DO consider other doggie-rations for your home.

dog gingerbread house  lady_baskin

Leave the gingerbread at the doggie door and reach for more pup friendly treats to build this lickable holiday house. Your dog may insist that this activity become part of your family’s holiday traditions EVERY YEAR!

8. DON’T have the time? Buy online!

If you want your pup to experience the Holidays in style but don’t have the time to decorate, maybe buying a pre-made holiday dog house is for you!

Ebay Dog House

This pawesome house from is fit for Santa Dawg himself. Try or for more festive choices that will have your pups woofing jingle bells in no time.

No matter how you express yourself through decorating with your Pup this Holiday Season, remember it’s the spirit of the season that counts the most.

Merry Pupsmas to all! And to all, a woof night!


Featured Image via YouTube/Bethany Mota

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 18, 2015

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