8 Ways You And Your Dog Can Reduce Your Environmental Pawprints

Written by: Emily Wang

April 22, 2015

It’s Earth Day! The day of all days to celebrate and appreciate the earth that we have the privilege to spend our days with our pups on. We thought we’d share some simple ways that you and your dog could help out the environment and go green for good.

1. Use biodegradable poop bags.


What’s the point of picking up poop if you’re encasing it in non-biodegradable plastic? A ton of great companies are now making bags that will decompose with your dog’s waste to help minimize the amount of trash we have. Look for Bio Bags or Poop Bags next time you’re shopping for your doggy supplies. Earth Rated also makes white-colored, 100% plastic-free poopy bags that are compostable, corn-based, and all-natural.

2. Eco-friendly dog supplies.


Whether they’re washable puppy pads or natural dog beds, shop with the environment in mind and look for products made that are easier on the earth.

3. Feed natural or organic dog food.


Check out the ingredients on your bag of dog food and look up where they come from. Do they contain GMO’s and pesticides, or are they all-natural and derived in manners that are friendly for the earth?

4. Buy food from eco-friendly brands and manufacturers.


And do it in bulk! The larger bags of food you get reduce packaging waste and save you additional trips to and from the store. Also, do some sniffing to find out if the people who make your pet food are being green too. I and Love and You is a great sustainable pet company whose entire operation is wind powered!

5. Keep your dog on-leash when the rules say so.


When exploring the wilderness or taking walks with your pup at a nearby trail, make sure to keep them on leash when the park rules ask you to. Leaving the natural habitats alone and not disturbing the peace definitely affects the earth in the long run!

6. Get resourceful with dog toys.


From using empty waterbottles to crafting your own unique toys out of old socks and clothes, making toys for your dog’s entertainment will also help cut down on adding more waste into the world.

7. Spay and neuter!


Helping control the number of pets in the world will contribute greatly to the impact of pet overpopulation.

8. Adopt your next dog. 


“Recycled” pets are often some of the best pets, and giving them a loving home takes one more animal in need off the streets.

 Featured image via @fidoloves

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Written by: Emily Wang

April 22, 2015

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