9 Animals Who Have No Business Being the Size of Dogs But Somehow Are

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

June 26, 2014

Things are about to get weird, y’all…

1. “You know I think you’re a gem, Andrea, but if you make one more joke about us being neigh-bors, so help me…”

miniature horse and dog

Image of miniature horse via

2. “Look, Quincy, we’ll be cool as long as you stop looking at me like I’m a carrot.”


Image of Flemish Giant via Wikipedia

3. NOPE! Nope, nope, nope, nope.


Image of Giant Coconut Crab via Imgur

4. Motherly ruv cannot be bound by size nor species. Just ask this pygmy hippo and its adopted mother, Lisha!


Images via Daily Mail and Imgur

5. “Chester, quit monkeying around back there! Heh, heh… never gets old.”


Image of Marmoset via Imgur

6. I’d like to pet the bat on the right, please. The bat on the right!!!


Image of Bismarck Flying Fox via Imgur. Image of Corgi via Halloween

7. “I just… I don’t even feel right about herding you. I mean, LOOK at you!”


Image of miniature cattle via Lyndon Cattle Lodge

8. Practically the same picture, except that one is TERRIFYING!


Image of Titan Beetle via Mother Nature Network. Image of puppy via The News-Gazette

9. Ok, so George is the size anomaly in this instance, but whatta pup! This gentle giant once held the world record for World’s Tallest Dog, clocking in at 245 pounds and 7 feet, 3 inches standing on his hind legs. Silly hoomans got no business trying to tower over a Great Dane! 😉


Image via Mother Nature Network

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

June 26, 2014