The Last Known Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Has The Cutest Begging Face You’ve Ever Seen

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 12, 2016

In 2001, Bretagne and her handler Denise Corliss arrived at Ground Zero hoping to save lives. In 2014, the pair returned to the site and also sat down for an interview with Tom Brokaw on the Today Show.

The Today Show caught up with her again and in an interview published on, Denise revealed some top secret information about this heroic 16 1/2 year old pup:

Bretagne is a total treat monster.


Here’s how the dog tells her mom she wants some noms:

She brings me a bag of treats, and I set it aside. Then she brings me another bag, and I set it aside. So she brings me a third bag! She’s basically saying, ‘We’re gonna play this game all night long until you open a bag for me!

Denise snapped a photo of the shenanigans so that she would never forget the silly memory.

bretagne treats

According to Denise, this is a behavior the search and rescue dog has had since she was a puppy… which means that Bretagne has had time to perfect her begging face. All of that practice has paid off because, from the looks of it, the hungry pup probably holds the title of “Cutest Begging Face on the Planet.”

bretagne begging

Last year, we learned how much the fluffy hero ruved treats when we gave her the best day of her life.

We love you Bretagne! We hope you get as many treats as your brave heart desires!

Feature image via Denise Corliss.

Written by: Regina Lizik

March 12, 2016