A BarkPost Expert Pairs Dog Treats With Wine–You’re Welcome

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 26, 2017

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Note: This post was originally written by Will Storie.

Greetings and salutations, Barkfolk!

As BarkPost’s resident gourmand, today I’m reviewing the Smoke House Jerky Treat Sampler, a charming sampling of four dog treats. And to make things fun for those of you at home who want to give the Treat Sampler a try, we’ve made a list of wines to pair with each treat. A sip for every nibble, as they say!

I’ve been assigned to sample the treat + wine pairings. So here goes! Buckle up, and join me on our culinary journey.

Editor’s Note: We told Will to try small glasses of wine while he gives our office dog Benji the treats. We think he might have misunderstood.

Nana’s Natural Chicken Jerky with Sauvignon Blanc

Gotta say, I didn’t really like this treat. The chicken jerky was, honestly, an unsatisfying texture, like a chicken-flavored granola bar left in the rain. The Sauvignon Blanc was pleasant though, floral and fruity, a fitting companion to the treat. Real shame I had to eat the treat, the wine would definitely have been better without this gross dog treat aftertaste in my mouth.

Aah. I just really need to cleanse my palate with some wine after that treat.

American Hound Herbed Turkey Sliders with Chardonnay

So The turkey sldiers were ok, but I still think I would’ve leikded it omre if it was ilke, human slders. nOt like made from humans, that would be horrifying—but you know, made FOR humans. But hey I work for the dogs now so that’s what i’m doing. The Chardnonay was a good pairing becuase it was spicy and had a satisfying bite, woudl be good with cheese but not as good with a dog treat.

Best Treats Ever! Duck & Turkey Nuggets with Pinot Noir

So barkobox makes thes “best treats ever” so I should definitely like them, like all the dogs I know have probably eaten them like a hudred times, but all I could think abotu werewas “these make me want to throw up over eveyrhing I own”—I dont evne like duck when it’s for humans.

. I felt kinda sick after eating it sbut then I had the pinot noir wiich was light and airy. It was soft and deiclate on the pallete so I decided to help myself to a few extra glasses of the pinor noir

Hey rememberfrom kimmy shimct? Pinor noit, hahahaha that show rules

No Grainers Jerky Chews—BBQ Chicken Flavor with Merlot

Oh I get why they acll it no grainers- it’s because it is wijtout grain. I should know that I have written produc descripsitons for the traets before. It was bbq qhicken flavor wihc is good becuase it reminds me of being back home, eating delicious bbaq chicken, however the part i DID NOT like is that iwas definitely like licKing a cold bBBQ pit and then putting that taste on aw wet cracker. . . The merlot was a wine and then I drank the rest of it because why not

I really hated all these treats. My tongue eeels like it’s gonna burn off and I’ve eaten ike, like it feels like a bucnh of wet dirt made out of meat or something stupid like that.

I reall reagret that I had to eat all the dog treats

Editor’s Note—Will’s assignment, AGAIN, was just to sample *small glasses of wine* while our office dog Benji sampled the treats. We did not tell Will to eat the treats. For what it’s worth, Benji loved them. If you’d like to sample our wine tasting menu while you treat *your dog* to these treats, click here!

I just ate soooo many dehydared chicken skins or whatever

Don’t tell jared I don’t wanna like, hey don’t make a Gif or something of me, I don’t want that, does anybody wanan call Ian?

I live near Ian we can share a cab, I’ll pay for it I swear


Got wine pairing ideas for your dog’s treats? Let us know! But don’t let Will know. We put him in a cab and he is asleep. Wish him better luck next time!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 26, 2017

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