A Dog’s Guide to Understanding Human Pawlidays: Valentine’s Day

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

February 14, 2014

Editor’s note: Mizz Trotter Pup is over here on The BarkPost doing a little series with us and the folks over at Whistle. For more of the ever-fashionable TrotterPup, go check out her guide to dressing up on Valentine’s Day!

Since Valentine’s Day is no time to take chances in the ruv department, BarkPost decided to bring in me, Trotterpup, the resident dog expert on style, poise, and ruv. (What day combines those things more than Valentine’s Day??) I’ve created a few tips on understanding Valentine’s Day for dogs in my favorite way– through some puptastic outfits.

Doggeh Tip #1:

Here’s the deal. Valentine’s Day is a pawliday where you can go over-the-top on whatever you like that makes you feel special. For many humans and myself, the key is accessories. Bling it up, curl that hair and flaunt those heels (and gams).

Doggeh Tip #2:

Have a valentine in mind but can’t quite bring yourself to sniff their bum? (I think the human equivalent is something they call “Striking up a conversation…”) Just be cool. Be yourself. Wear that pink wig.
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Doggeh Tip #3:

If you’re still having trouble with what to do on Valentine’s Day, just channel the French. Champagne, cheese, berets… If that doesn’t get you into a romantic mood, I don’t know what will. Trust meh, je suis un Frenchie after all. 😉
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Doggeh Tip #4:

Do NOT forget a gift! And I’m not talking about the warm chocolate-colored kind we dogs sometimes leave around the house. 😉 As long as your gift is thoughtful, it doesn’t matter if the gift is an IOU of 10 extra puppy kisses or a the most expensive chew toy in the store. It’s the thought that counts here, pups. P.S. Do NOT eat the human chocolates. #talkaboutastomachache #vetvisit

Doggeh Tip #5:

Though Valentine’s Day might be frivolous and commercial on the surface, it’s always good to remind yourself to tell the pups around you how much you ruv them. Be thoughtful. Don’t forget the details. Give kisses. And spread some ruv.
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Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

February 14, 2014