18 Pictures That Sum Up What It’s Like To Cancel Plans To Stay In With Your Dog

Be honest. Ever since you got a dog you became a lot more introverted, haven't you? Always canceling plans and staying in just so you can Netflix and chill with your dog? Well guess what, it's not just you. Here are some other tell-tale signs. 1. When the weekend begins, you're like this. friday-dog-memes-9 2. But while everyone else is making plans, your "plans" involve the couch. friday-dog-memes-2 3. You've become a master at avoiding your friends' weekend plans like a ninja. friday=dog-memes-20 4. Excuse #1 Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.45.56 PM 5. Excuse #2 friday-dog-memes-5 6. Excuse #3 friday-dog-memes-13 7. Excuse #4 8. Sometimes you don't even bother making excuses anymore. 9. Your friends will understand...maybe? friday-dog-memes-7 10. That "just canceled plans" feeling. friday-dog-memes-6 [bp_related_article] 11. Behold, your spirit animal: Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.28.18 PM 12. Admit it, your life has changed quite a bit since getting a dog. friday-dog-memes-19 13. But to be honest, you prefer this anyway. friday-dog-memes-22 14. I mean, how can you resist this? friday-dog-memes-21 15. Or this? friday-dog-memes-24 16. Besides, traveling the world is overrated. friday-dog-memes-4 17. And when you do go out, you're just grumpy from missing your dog the whole time. 18. But it could be healthy to go out every once and awhile. friday-dog-memes-1 19. Just make sure to bring your dog. friday-dog-memes-23

Featured image via @flipediflip

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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