Abandoned Lab Who Was Shot And Hit By A Car Still Greets Each Day With A Big Grin

Julia Long founded the animal rescue Love, Molly Fund in honor of her sister. She’s seen a lot of cases of neglect in her time running the rescue, which is based in Houston, but she’s never seen a case like Mango. The black Lab wasn’t merely neglected, he was shot and hit by a car.

Julia found Mango by accident. She was picking up a box spring when she spotted an underweight dog with a severe case of mange. It wasn’t until later that she found out Mango had suffered from even more than mange and hunger.

Mango had a serious hip injury and his tongue had been torn apart. These injuries are consistent with a car accident. Even more heartbreaking was the discovery that someone had shot the pup. Julia said that there was buck spray down the dog’s back and legs.

He also had several other health problems, including heartworms. It took him a long time to recover.

A history of pain and abuse hasn’t affected Mango’s spirit. As you can see from the video above, all he wants is to love and to be loved. Julia is currently fostering the Lab, but she’s looking for someone to give him a forever home.

She’s created a Facebook page called Tango with Mango and posts cute photos and videos of the pup, and her other rescues, on Instagram. If you’re interested in adopting Mango or any of the other dogs from the Houston based rescue, email [email protected]

h/t Dogster

Regina Lizik

6 years ago